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Indiana’s Health Care Status at Forefront

It’s estimated that 46 million Americans are without health care.  So what does this mean to the Hoosier state?

According to the United Health rankings in 2008, Indiana ranked at the bottom for public health funding. Dr. Marion Broome thinks it’s time to put health at the forefront.

“Our state’s leadership understands better than many people that the focus of good health lies with the individual health care, we do have an enormously complex and sophisticated health care delivery system but it’s primarily geared towards treating illness not promoting health,” said Broome.

Broome feels it’s vital to educate individuals and promote health. She also explains programs from the 1970’s made active efforts to reach out to low income families. The direct approach assisted individuals with preventive care which she believes will improve the state of U.S. health care.

“I don’t think there’s any question that we’re going to have to provide basic health care to every citizen in this country, just like we provide basic education to every citizen in this country.”  She says it’s also up to the individuals to make it a priority to take advantage of these resources.  Broome is optimistic that the resources are available.

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