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Indiana’s Domestic Violence Registry Makes Improvements

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The state of Indiana's court website allows individuals to search by name or case number to determine if someone has a protective order against them.

A year after Indiana upgraded its domestic violence registry, victims’ advocates say they are satisfied with the results.

The domestic violence registry has an online searchable database, where police officers and others can instantly check whether there is a protective order against an abuser. A federal grant also allowed the state to send text and email alerts to victims to tell them the order has taken effect.

“You can‘t hold a respondent accountable for the protective order until they are served,” says Kerry Blomquist, legal director for the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. “It also gives victims a certain peace of mind knowing that now they have the protective order, and it is now officially precluded that they have any contact.”

Blomquist says victims are at the highest risk immediately after a protective order. She says the new alerts let them know to put their guard up.

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