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Indianapolis Waterworks Asking Customers to Stop Watering


Photo: Flickr/Karen Montgomery

Temperatures across part of the state top 100 degree today. With the humidity though, it will feel like it's well into the triple digits.

The Indianapolis Department of Waterworks says the city is still experiencing a “traffic jam of water” as customers seek relief for their lawns on the hottest day of the year. Matthew Klein, Director of the Department of Waterworks, estimates the utility is pumping out more than 200 million gallons each day.

“We always have plenty of water. It‘s just really the demand issue, trying to make sure we can get it to people in a reliable fashion. If there‘s too much demand, sometimes we can have main breaks, and if a pipe breaks that means people in that area might not get water. We‘re trying to make sure we‘re not pushing the water too hard,” Klein said.

The overall record of 228 million gallons was set in June of 2007. The utility says those high figures place a major strain on the infrastructure because it takes more pressure to move water through the pipes. Indianapolis Water estimates that customers are using up to 60 million gallons a day on lawn-watering alone. That‘s why the utility is asking residents to voluntarily agree to turn off their sprinklers and hoses through Sunday.

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