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Indianapolis Democratic Councilman Switches To GOP


Photo: Ian Freimuth/Flickr

The city-county building in Indianapolis, with the city-market in the forefront.

Indianapolis City County Councilman Jose Evans says he has switched parties. The longtime democrat announced Tuesday that he has joined the Indiana Republican Party.

Evans says he grew tired of the “shenanigans” in the Marion County Democratic Party. He also says he felt he was out of step with democrats on the city-county council and that their values did not reflect his own.

Evans says it became very apparent when he ran for Mayor as a democrat a few years ago that he needed to change. He only alluded to the way he says he “was treated” by democrats who he believes were more concerned about “personal agendas” and he stated he didn‘t “want to be part of that anymore.” Evans says he believes he‘ll have more of a voice in Indiana politics as a republican.

However, he says he‘s not a conservative Republican. Evans says he spoke with City County Council President Maggie Lewis who he says was “disappointed by” his decision. Evans says he‘s not sure what his next political move will be, but he wants to help Republicans broaden their base.

Meantime, Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb stated that Republicans need “more days like today” in their new efforts to reach out to more women and people of color.

“Clearly we have more work to do in the African American communities around our state if we want to truly reflect the state of Indiana as a party, we need more days like today,” he says.

Marion County Republican Party Chairman Kyle Walker says Evans is “a new face” for the party and he looks forward to working with him.

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