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Indianapolis CIB Losing $125,000 Per Cancelled NBA Game

Conseco Fieldhouse

Photo: Shih-Pei Chang (Flickr)

Capital Improvement Board officials say four lost Pacers home games have already cost the organization about $500,000.

It‘s more than players, teams and fans that will be impacted if there is no NBA season. The Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board oversees Conseco Fieldhouse and other sports venues, and its president Ann Lathrop says the group’s biggest concern is the economic impact that is completely lost.

Lathrop says a study done two years ago found Pacers games make a $55 million impact. Lathrop says even a handful of cancelled games mean the CIB has already lost a significant sum of money.

“It‘s about $125,000 a game,” Lathrop says. “I believe we‘ve had about four games cancelled through the 15th of this month, which gets you to about a half-million dollars”

Lathrop says she feels Conseco Fieldhouse officials are trying to “fill the building” in other ways to make up some of the lost revenue. She says another major concern is the loss of jobs to area businesses due to a lack of customers.

However, Lathrop is not worried about the Pacers not being able to repay the $33.5 million loan given by the CIB to the organization last year. She says due to the way the loan was structured, it must be repaid even if the team leaves Indianapolis.

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