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Indiana Unemployment Rising Slightly


Photo: Burt Lum (Flickr)

Indiana's rate is still lower than any of its neighbors.

For the first time in nearly a year, Indiana’s unemployment rate rose in June.

Coming off poor national job numbers last week, Indiana’s unemployment rose to eight point three percent in June – that’s up a tenth of a percentage point from the previous month. Private sector job growth saw a decline of 6,200 jobs with the leisure and hospitality industry taking the biggest hit.

Department of Workforce Development spokeswoman Valerie Kroeger says the stagnant economy is somewhat to blame.

“We’re seeing less people employed in hotels and in restaurants,” she said. If you have less money, you’re going to have less money to spend on entertainment.”

Even with the increase, Indiana’s numbers are still well below the national average and lower than each of its neighboring states.

Workforce Development Director Mark Everson said in a statement that while the unemployment number is discouraging, the state’s jobless rate has still dropped roughly two percent in just two years.

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