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Indiana State Fair Victims Get More Money From State

Victims of August’s State Fair Stage collapse could be getting some additional money from the state. A bill that is already passed the House would provide an extra 5 million dollars to victims and their families.

The bill would mean the state would make an extra $400,000 available to the families of each of the seven people who were killed in the collapse. The rest of the money would be distributed to the people who were injured. The House approved the measure 96 to 2.

The state already gave $5 million to the victims and their families in December, but that was the limit the state was authorized to pay out. State Attorney General Greg Zoeller says that wasn’t enough for people who were injured to pay their medical bills.

“It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do as attorney general is to decide what to do with limited resources in the face of seven deaths, 65 people who were seriously injured, so I had to admit, it may not be enough,” he says.

Some lawmakers wanted to allocate even more money for additional payouts. But an amendment from Representative Ed Delaney calling for an extra 22 million dollars in payouts failed. The Senate will now decide whether to approve the $5 million dollar pay out.

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