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Indiana State Fair Aims To Give Out Remaining Funds

Indiana State Fair

Photo: Brandy Shaul (Flickr)

Indiana is still working out a $5 million tort claim for damages from the Indiana State Fair stage collapse.

Indiana State Fair officials along with famed attorney Kenneth Feinberg say they are almost done distributing $964,000 in public donations for victims of this past summer’s State Fair tragedy.

State Fair Commission Head Andre Lacy says they have paid out 28 claims totaling $564,000. Lacy says their goal is to give out the remaining $400,000 to roughly 28 remaining claimants by the end of Monday.

However, the fund will continue to collect public donations for victims through October of next year. The stage collapse tragedy killed seven and hurt dozens of others. Feinberg says only two people requested to meet with him about the fair distribution of funds. He says one of the claimants remains dissatisfied.

Feinberg stated that none of those receiving money donated to the fund are required to sign waivers or releases. He says they did the best they could with the limited money they had. Indianapolis Attorney and State Fair Counsel John Trimble says 87 percent of the payouts targeted those who died or stayed in the hospital ten days or more, 11 percent went to those hospitalized from four to nine days and the remaining three percent has benefitted those who stayed in the hospital up to three days.

Feinberg says the Indiana Attorney General‘s office continues to work on payout procedures for the separate, $5 million state tort claim fund. An announcement is expected in a few weeks on that.

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