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Indiana Senator Suggests Alternate Plan For US In Libya

After the White House’s decision that the Libyan operation does not fit the law‘s definition of “hostilities,” the House voted neither to authorize nor to pull the plug on U-S intervention in Libya. But Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is recommending an alternate approach.

Lugar has been critical of action in Libya, but he declined to offer a Senate version of the House proposal to cut off funding for it, saying that it wouldn‘t pass, and that President Obama wouldn‘t sign it if it did. Instead, Lugar wanted conditions. He said Congress should assert its rights under the War Powers Act. “This is probably the most effective way to bring some responsibility for reporting the expenditures, for bringing the effort to conclusion. We already have been there now for four months and spent a billion dollars. The question is how to bring about some remedy.”

The authorization resolution comes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee June 28. Lugar, the panel’s ranking Republican and former chairman, asked senators who support it to ban the deployment of American ground troops, and specifically limit the U.S. role to intelligence sharing, refueling, search and rescue assistance, and planning support.

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