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Indiana Senate Will Consider Recycling Bill This Week

Recycling companies say they a lot of money is being thrown away in the form of aluminum cans.

A Senate committee will consider legislation this week that establishes a recycling goal for the state to reach by the end of the decade.

Proposed legislation that’s already passed the House establishes a goal for 50 percent of municipal waste to be recycled by 2019.  Senate Environmental Affairs Chairman Ed Charbonneau says that’s a worthwhile cause – he thinks the state has missed the boat on recycling for too long.  And he says giving people a target to aim for can sometimes be necessary.

But Charbonneau says setting an unreasonable goal accomplishes nothing.

“When you look at the nation, nobody is recycling 50 percent.  Nobody,” Charbonneau said. “And that includes states like California where you get credit for recycling if you use a mulching lawnmower.”

Charbonneau says Indiana doesn’t have any good data on how much it’s currently recycling.  Part of the bill would require recyclers to report their recycling figures regularly to the Department of Environmental Management.  Charbonneau says that’s the part of the bill he’d like to focus on.

“I’d prefer taking a more reasoned approach to this and a stepping stone approach where we build on things and move forward,” Charbonneau said.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing in Charbonneau’s committee today.

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