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Indiana Senate Bill Puts Restrictions On Abortion Procedures

Some doctors say the restrictions the bill would not allow for evidence-based treatment.

A bill passed by a Senate committee Wednesday would tell doctors how to administer medications used for chemical abortions, but some doctors disagree with the protocol.

The bill mandates that drugs used in chemical abortions be administered according to FDA guidelines only. But some physicians say they prefer using evidence-based, off-label practices, and the FDA protocol requires a dose three times higher than those doctors prefer using.

Doctor Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds is an assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the IU School of Medicine. She says the protocol required by the bill prevents doctors from providing patients with the best care possible.

“It’s less effective, it places women at risk of having higher side effects, it is more costly,” she says. “I mean, on every turn, it’s a lose-lose for the women of Indiana.”

Markle Republican Senator Travis Holdman is the bill’s author. He says he is willing to look at the language of the bill to address the protocol concern.

“We could have lined as many pharmacists up on the other side of the issue as well as physicians on the other side of the issue, but I understand we need to try to strike a fair balance here,” he says.

Holdman says he will investigate amending other, evidence-based protocols into the bill when it is on the Senate floor. The bill passed the committee 5 to 4.

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