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Indiana Sees 6.6% Population Increase

The United State Census Bureau has released total national and state population growth numbers for 2010.  The census is done every ten years, and used for the purpose of reallocating the number of house seats held by each state.  Indiana’s population grew 6.6% to just under 6.5 million people.  That means Indiana will maintain its nine seats in the US House of Representatives.

Matt Kinghorn works with the Indiana Business Research Center, an IU-based data center which acts as an official demographic representative to the Census Bureau.  He says while the current data does not yet contain any details… he believes the increase is probably related to Indiana’s relative economic stability.

“We see more migration when populations are performing a little better.   I think that Indiana’s economy is certainly out-performing its neighbors in the last decade and that accounts for a lot of our population growth,” Kinghorn said.

Three of Indiana’s neighbors: Illinois, Ohio and Michigan lost seats in the House while Kentucky stayed the same at  six representatives.   Michigan is actually the only state in the union to show an overall decline in total population, with a reduction of 0.6%.  According to the BBC, the United States has the third largest population in the world with 308 million… after The Peoples Republic of China and The Republic of India.

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