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Indiana Schools Test Merit-Based Teacher Pay


Photo: Jim Grey (Flickr)

State law, modified last year, sets out guidelines for how districts should pay teachers.

Two Indiana school corporations are testing out a way of paying teachers based in part on their performance evaluations. The pilot programs announcement comes ahead of the statewide implementation of performance pay next school year.

The Indiana Department of Education announced Monday two school corporations, Milan Community Schools and Randolph Central Schools in Winchester, will run pilot programs for new teacher compensation structures. Using feedback from teachers, the two school corporations will then make their results available to corporations around the state.

The General Assembly passed legislation last session requiring schools to take more into consideration than just seniority and degrees earned when deciding teacher pay. State law sets out guidelines for how districts should pay teachers.

The law requires them to consider things like performance evaluations and “objective measures.” But the law also gives districts some flexibility in how they implement the new pay scheme on the local level.

The new teacher pay structures must be in place across the state in time for the 2012-2013 school year.

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