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Most Indiana Reps Support ‘No Budget, No Pay’ Bill


Photo: Peter Eimon (flickr)

All but one of Indiana's representatives voted for the "No Budget, No Pay" bill.

Nearly all of Indiana’s House delegation voted for the bill that links lawmakers’ pay to passing a budget later this year. The bill, which also postpones a debt ceiling crisis by three months, passed the U.S. House on Wednesday.

The bill extends the debt ceiling until May of this year and dictates that members of both houses of Congress must pass a concurrent budget for fiscal year 2014, by April 15 of this year. If a budget compromise is not reached by then, pay for members of both houses would be withheld until a budget is passed.

Indiana Congressman Todd Young (R-9th) spoke in favor of the bill on the house floor Wednesday.

“I hear frequently, two simple requests from my constituents,” he says. “First, they want us to get our spending and our debt under control, and secondly, they want us to work together, collectively, republicans and democrats, to get that important job done.”

Congressman Larry Bucshon (R-8th), said in a statement that his support of the bill is tied to the idea that both the House and Senate must be held accountable for producing a budget.

“The first step to any responsible debt reduction plan is to pass a budget, the most basic responsibility of government, which also happens to be the law,” he says. “Today, I voted in favor of the ‘No Budget, No Pay Act’ to require both the Senate and the House to pass a budget, or their pay will be withheld.”

The bill passed with bipartisan support, but Indiana congressman Andre Carson (R– 7th) voted with 33 Republicans and 111 Democrats against the bill.  A call to Carson’s office seeking comment went unreturned Wednesday.

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