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Two Indiana Representatives Join Congressional Tea Party Caucus

5th District Representative Dan Burton speaks at a Tea Party Rally in Tipton Indiana last winter.

Photo: Office of Dan Burton

Representative Dan Burton speaks at a Tea Party rally in Tipton Indiana last winter. Burton, along with fellow Republican and Representative Mike Pence, have joined the newly formed Congressional Tea Party Caucus.

5th District Representative Dan Burton and 6th District Representative Mike Pence have become charter members of the new Congressional Tea Party Caucus.  The brainchild of Minnesota Representative and Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann, Burton said the caucus will act as a means to better represent the movement.

“They want less government spending, less government regulation, lower taxes, and the things that everyone believes in this country, and better and closer Constitutional government,” Burton said on CSPAN.

Burton said he rejects any claims that the Tea Party is a racist organization.

“I’ve heard a lot of my colleagues, and people across the country and in the media, criticize the Tea Party as being racist and a whole host of other things,” Burton said.  “But when we were out there and met with these people, we found African Americans, we found Hispanics, we found people from all ethnic groups out there.”

The Tea Party Caucus’ roster currently boasts 42  Republican members of Congress

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