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Rape Survivor Fights For Change In Prosecution Law


Photo: Casey Kuhn

Jenny Wendt stands among balloons that were released Tuesday to mark the beginning of sexual assault awareness month.

Rape survivor Jenny Wendt is advocating for a change in Indiana’s statute of limitations for sexual assault.

Wendt was raped nine years ago when she was a nursing student at IUPUI, and the man who raped her confessed to his crime earlier this year.

But because the statute of limitations is five years, the man could not be prosecuted.

Wendt has since started an online petition that has more than 2,500 signatures, and she now has backing from lawmakers for a bill that would extend the statute of limitations for all rapes.

“Knowing that if I get this changed, as long as it helps other people and keeps them from being in the position that I was in, I‘m completely satisfied,” she said in front of the statehouse today during a rally kicking off sexual assault awareness month.

Wendt says talking about what happened to her makes her stronger, even though she wouldn‘t personally benefit from such a law.

The legislature did pass a bill during this year‘s legislative session that calls for a comprehensive study of sexual abuse in Indiana.

“When we‘re talking about Indiana being second in the nation for the number of high school females reporting that they‘ve being sexually assaulted, is that because they are coming forward and reporting, or is it because we have a huge problem,” asked Anita Carpenter, CEO of INCASA.

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