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Indiana Population Grows More Slowly Than National Average

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Photo: Garden Beth (Flickr)

Indiana's population is growing at a rate of 0.51 percent.

Indiana’s population is growing, but at a rate below the national average.

According to population estimates the U.S. Census Bureau released Monday, Indiana’s population grew by an estimated 33,000 from 2012 to 2013.

That growth rate of  0.51 percent compares to the national average of  0.71 percent.

Indiana’s population growth exceeds the average of  .33 percent in the Midwest region

Indiana Business Research Center deputy director Carol Rogers says Indiana’s population growth rate is positive news and a testament to job creation in the state.

“Our unemployment rate has been lower than most of our neighboring states for many months out of the past few years and we’ve also had decent job increases,” she says.

Rogers attributes affordable housing and a strong birth rate to the increase.

She says the state also draws in a relatively strong immigrant and college student population.

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