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Indiana Poison Center Reports Fewer Synthetic Drug Overdoses


Photo: (Flickr)

State Sen. Jim Merritt, R-Indianapolis, wants to broaden the definition of what can be classified as a synthetic drug.

Synthetic drug use is down among Hoosiers, according to the Indiana Poison Center.

State lawmakers passed the first ban on synthetic drugs in 2011. The Indiana Poison Center reports an 86 percent decline in reported overdoses on a drug known as “bath salts” since the ban went into effect.

The number of Hoosiers overdosing on “spice” is also down.

“This poison control report shows we’re starting to make an impact,” says State Sen. Jim Merritt, R-Indianapolis. “But I’m not going to rest until all of these are off shelves.”

This session Merritt advanced legislation to further restrict the sale of synthetic drugs. He says other states are looking at Indiana’s synthetic drug law, one of the country’s first, as they craft their own bans.

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