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Indiana Microbreweries Score Big on Super Bowl Sunday

Lennie's Glass Wall

Photo: WFIU News Staff

Both Bloomington Brewing Company and Upland have reported an increase in Sunday beer sales over the last few months.

As a result of recent changes to Indiana state law, this was the first year customers were able to purchase alcohol during the weekend celebration.  Upland Brewery Marketing Operations Manager Charles Stanley says this was the second busiest Sunday – right behind July Fourth.

“The line did go out the door so I mean at times it did get pretty packed,” said Charles Stanley.

Bloomington Brewing Company was also open for business for Sunday’s Super Bowl festivities.  General Manager Michael Fox said successful marketing and word of mouth increased beer sales for Sunday’s game

“We sold 101 growlers and quarts yesterday and we had 362 people through the door,” said Fox.

Fox says carryout sales have doubled since July. He adds, more people are becoming aware of the new law every week.

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