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Indiana Lt. Gov. Calls Bloomington Brewery A Model For Tourism

Upland Brewery Coaster

Photo: Jessica F. (Flickr)

Crouch praised Upland's support of local agriculture and impact on tourism.

Indiana Lt.Gov. Suzanne Crouch visited the Upland Wood Shop Tuesday to talk craft beer and tourism with Bloomington residents.

She says Upland offers opportunities for both tourism and agriculture, both of which have a large impact in the state.

“Agrotourism is such an important part of who we are, as a state,” Crouch says. “We had 79 million visitors visit Indiana last year.”

Crouch says tourism also brought $12 billion into Indiana’s economy last year. In Monroe County, Crouch says $300,000 of economic development came from tourists.

Crouch praised Upland’s support of local agriculture and impact on tourism. She says the business is a model for other companies trying to make an impact on agrotourism.

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