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BMV Suspending More Drivers’ Licenses


Photo: Indiana Stan (Flickr)

More Indiana drivers don''t have auto insurance which is contributing to lisence suspensions.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles says the number of drivers licenses suspended in Indiana due to lack of auto insurance is way up this year.

BMV Spokesman Dennis Rosebrough says the state saw 172,235 license suspensions from January 1 to October 15 of last year. He says the numbers for the same period this yea are up 22 percent to 220,905.

Rosebrough believes the figure is due to tougher enforcement. He says notices go out following traffic accidents or violations that require drivers to provide proof of insurance. Rosebrough says their message is clear; driving without auto insurance is against Indiana law.

Meantime, the Hoosier Motor Club‘s Senior Vice President Steve Vernick says the struggling economy may be playing a big role. Vernick says he has seen an alarming increase in the number of accidents in which drivers have no insurance.

Vernick says insurance is not cheap especially for motorists with poor driving records.

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