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Indiana Lawmaker Introduces Legislation to Curb Euthanasia

An Indiana lawmaker drove dogs from Indiana to New England, Thursday, as part of a program that takes dogs from overcrowded kennels in the state to places where there is more demand for dog adoption.

Indiana Representative Linda Lawson of Hammond is known at the statehouse for fighting for legislation regulating large-scale dog breeding operations, referred to as puppy mills.  Now, she wants to introduce legislation to control pet overpopulation.  She said laws, like those found in several New England states, that require the average pet owner to spay and neuter their cats and dogs, is the best way to curb the euthanizing of homeless animals.

“After touring the Indianapolis shelter here,” Lawson said.  “It appears they take in between 18 and 20 thousand dogs a year and many, many of those dogs are euthanized and the reason for that is that there’s an overabundance.”

Lawson says while in New Hampshire she will be meeting with lawmakers there to discuss laws they already have in place.  The trip is part of a program run by animal shelters in Indiana, Ohio, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, that transports animals monthly from overpopulated shelters in Indiana, to areas where animals are in demand in New England.

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