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Indiana Law Firm Files Suit For Meningitis Outbreak


Photo: Kreg Steppe (Flickr)

The meningitis was spread through a tainted spinal steroid.

A Shelbyville law firm has filed the first lawsuit in Indiana related to an outbreak of fungal meningitis.

When Bartholomew County resident Natalie Copass presented with back problems, she went to her doctor, who prescribed spinal steroid injections to ease the pain.

Copass took three of the injections as she awaited surgery, only to have the procedure delayed indefinitely when she and her doctors found out the shots were from a batch created by a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy now linked to the nationwide meningitis outbreak.

Mike Stephenson, a partner at the law firm representing Copass, says the suit his firm filed Friday asks a court to mandate that pharmacy pay for whatever treatment Copass will require.

“We’re not seeking a specific dollar amount. That’s not the issue as much as there’s a lot of people that have a lot of questions that need to be answered,” he says. “This company needs to be responsible for whatever testing needs to be done for each of these people.”

Doctors say Copass does not show signs of meningitis, a disease which attacks the lining of the brain.

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