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Indiana Improves AP Test Passage Rate, Still Lags Nation

Stonegate High School

Photo: Stonegate High School

Indian's AP passage rates have improved, but are still below the national average.

Students who pass AP tests receive college credit for their work.  One a scale of 1-5, 14-percent of Hoosier students scored a three or higher in 2011.  That’s up more than one-and-a-half percent from 2010 and sets a record for the state of Indiana.  The national passage rate, however, is 18 percent.  State Superintendent Tony Bennett wants the passage rate to be at least 25%.  Only 25 schools met that benchmark this year.

Signature School in Evansville, recorded the highest pass rate in Indiana history at 90-percent – but the school has only about 75 kids per graduating class. School Executive Director Vicki Snyder, says officials try to minimize any distractions as the test dates approach each May.

“We have set very high standards and it is our belief that all students can be successful if they are willing to put the time and effort into it,” Snyder says.

Louis Jensen, director of high schools for New Albany-Floyd County School Corporation, says the AP pass rate saw a big jump at New Albany High School, increasing from just less than nine percent in 2008 to more than 15 percent last school year.


“The teachers establishing a relationship with the students and developing — working with them before and after school — Being trained in the area, keeping up with the content there going back to workshops, keeping themselves very updated and present with the current curriculum.  All that plays a big role,” Jensen says.

Indiana’s rate of improvement from 2010-2011 was the second largest in the country.

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