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Indiana House Democrats Refile Referendum Amendment


Photo: Noah Coffey (Flickr)

Democrats want a guarantee that their amendment calling for a referendum on right to work is constitutional.

An amendment by House Democrats to place right to work on a statewide referendum has been redrafted and filed, but Democrats remain off the floor.

An initial referendum amendment was thought by legislative attorneys to be unconstitutional. Democrats then vacated the floor all this week to redraft it. Friday morning Minority Leader Pat Bauer said he wanted assurances from the Republicans that they believe the new amendment passes constitutional muster.

But Speaker Brian Bosma will only promise to hear, debate and vote on the amendment.

“It’s not our job here to determine the constitutionality of something before we vote on it,” he says.

But Bauer says his caucus did not think that was enough and opted to remain off the floor one more day.

“We will be here Monday for this bill,” he says. “But we’ll be here when we think people have full knowledge that it’s constitutional.”

Still, Bauer says if Republicans claim the new amendment is unconstitutional, Democrats may have to rethink their commitment.


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