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Indiana National Guard Furloughs Begin

national guard soldier

Photo: Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill/The National Guard

Members of the Indiana National Guard's 1-293rd Infantry Regiment prepare for a night convoy escort mission at Victory Base Complex in Iraq on Oct. 18, 2008.

Because of sequestration, about 50 percent of the full-time Indiana staff must take one furlough day per week between Monday and the end of September, which is the end of the federal budget year.

The budget cuts have also caused two Indiana National Guard overseas missions to be canceled, but National Guard officials say the cuts should not affect their ability to respond to emergencies.

“Right now, I believe our readiness is pretty good,” says Human Resources Director Colonel Bernard Kruse. “We just have to prioritize better to make sure the high priority items get taken care of.”

Most of the furloughed staff is in the Indianapolis area, although there others, mostly in maintenance facilities across the state.

Kruse says as many as 80 percent of the National Guard furloughs affect equipment maintenance. The cuts amount to about 20 percent of those military technicians‘ pay until September 30.

Kruse says that hurts the technicians with families the most.

Correction: An earlier version of this story implied that furloughs caused the two overseas missions to be canceled. The missions were canceled because of federal budget cuts, but not because of the furloughs. Human Resources Director Colonel Bernard Kruse’s name was also misspelled.

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