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Indiana Groups Organize Relief Efforts For The Philippines


Photo: Arlynn Aquino EU/ECHO

A child sits among the rubble and fallen trees left by the typhoon.

Several Indiana groups are organizing to send relief to the Philippines as news about the typhoon that swept through the country late last week spreads.

The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan is now estimated at between 2,000 and 2,500, NPR reports.

Monroe County Red Cross Emergency Services Director Maria Carrasquillo says the best way for Hoosiers to help is to send in donations.

“We urge people who have family members in the Philippines to go ahead and continue calling or continue to try to contact them through the normal means, also to come to us and so we can start the tracing process,” she says. “But to try every single avenue that they know of to locate their loved ones.”

Some student organizations at Indiana University are organizing fundraisers.

In Indianapolis, the Barangay Club of Indiana, a social club for the Filipino community is accepting donations to contribute to the Red Cross.

Chairman Ben Abratigue says the disaster hits close to home for many in Indiana.

“It’s a feeling of usual Filipino customs – whenever somebody dies in the neighborhood, they really show their respect,” he says.

Indiana organizations, including the Red Cross’s Indiana chapters, are not sending any volunteers to the Philippines to help with disaster relief.

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