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Daniels Says He Will Not Endorse A Presidential Candidate

Mitch Daniels

Photo: Republican Conference (Flickr)

Mitch Daniels said many endorsements for president do not have a major impact on the race's outcome.

With the Iowa caucus just five weeks away, Governor Mitch Daniels says he does not plan on endorsing a presidential candidate.

Daniels ruled out an endorsement before primary season kicks off and indicated he likely will not make an endorsement of any Republican presidential candidate even once the primaries begin. He says endorsements are overrated.

“An incredibly well-respected person, Governor Christie, made an endorsement a couple weeks ago, and it sort of sank without a trace, so I don’t know why anybody would be excited about what I thought,” he says.

Daniels says he is encouraged by what he calls the “gutsier” statements Republican candidates have made about spending and entitlement programs in the last few weeks. He also says Americans need to decide what’s important when choosing the next president, but he wishes there were more focus on key issues and less on the candidates’ personal lives.

“We’ve worked our way into this position and it seems to have a motor all its own, and I don’t know how you’d get back to a little less such celebrity-style coverage.” Daniels says.

Daniels added that with none of the Republican candidates rising far above the others yet, he hopes Indiana’s May primary will play a significant role in choosing the presidential contender.

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