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Indiana Faculty to be Featured on Big Ten Network

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Photo: Indiana University

Indiana University officials say they are canceling a portion of the new health engagement program.

A new Indiana University television series hopes to bring the classroom to the living room.  “Beyond the Syllabus” will showcase lectures from IU faculty members on the Big Ten Network. The show aims to give audiences an inside look on what type of teaching students get on campus. University spokesman Larry MacIntyre, says he expects telecommunications students and staff will produce a show worth watching.

“And our thought was if we did a really good job of videotaping a lecture by each of these professors and then doing the kinds of editing that’s possible with television today, we could make one heck of a good TV program.” said MacIntyre.

Psychology Professor Olaf Sporns and chemistry prof Richard DiMarchi , will be the first two teachers to lecture, on the show’s November 19th debut. Sporns will speak about the human brain and how it works. DiMarchi will talk about his discovery of a new class of anti-obesity drugs. Jocelyn Bowie, Director of Communications and Marketing for the College of Arts and Sciences says students do not need to be scientists to understand the lecture.

“This is not a look at IU isn’t it wonderful.” said Bowie.”This is going to be look at the really interesting stuff that’s going on not only at IU, not just in the state, but the whole world, and this is where you can learn about it. I think the content is going to be a broad general interest.”

The lectures in Room 251 of the Radio-Television Building are open to any IU Bloomington student on a first-come, first-served basis.

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