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Indiana Announces Nearly 3,000 Clean Energy Jobs This Year

School officials say the wind turbine would have been built in a 37 acre area. The board was seeking a zoning exemption to put it closer than the required 1 mile from a municipality.

Indiana companies this year have announced they plan to create nearly 3,000 clean energy jobs, according Environmental Entrepreneurs, who began tracking the number of clean energy jobs six months ago.

“There was a lot of talk back in the fall that the clean energy economy didn’t exist coming out of the Solyndra situation didn’t exist coming out of the Solyndra situation. And we said, wait, that’s not true,” Environmental Entrepreneurs Executive Director Judith Albert says.

Albert says companies are announcing more clean energy jobs across the nation. Indiana has seen its growth in the wind turbine and automotive industry.

“As there has been a growth in electric vehicle production, there’s been growth in the supply chain to supply the parts and Indiana has had a long tradition of being a state which has been linked into and very vital in the whole automotive supply chain,” Albert says.

Ryan Krause with the Indiana University Kelly School of Business has worked with a team of researchers to track the trend of green jobs in Indiana. He says there are still some hurdles companies have to overcome.

“You have some limitations and we’ve seen that over the past year or so when you have an industry that is so dependent on either government funding or government backing for their debt or something like that where there is not yet enough demand for their products,” Krause says.

Two of these companies include rechargeable battery manufacturer Ener1 and the electric car company Bright Automotive, both which recently filed for bankruptcy.

Krause says the most potential is not in the direct production of clean energy, but in the jobs that are created when traditional manufacturers incorporate green practices into their existing businesses.

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