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Indiana Could Change Human Trafficking Law Before Super Bowl

Colts Stadium

Photo: Phil King (Flickr)

Indiana is hosting the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

State Attorney General Greg Zoeller is making a push for law enforcement to crack down on human trafficking in the state ahead of the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Human trafficking is one of the largest and fastest growing criminal trades in the country, and Zoeller says the last two Super Bowl sites had trouble getting out in front of the issue.  A major problem, he says, is differentiating commercial sex crimes that involve human trafficking from more standard prostitution.

“I think the deficiencies are really that we look at prostitution where the prostitute is the criminal,” Zoeller said. “In this instance, where you recognize human trafficking, where the prostitute is a victim herself.”

Zoeller says to help deal with the core issue, he will urge the General Assembly to pass legislation before the Super Bowl that will close gaps in state law.

“We don’t have a specific statute that recognizes that bringing someone against their will into this trade is a specific crime,” he said.

Zoeller Friday held the first of what he says will be several programs leading up to the big game in February that help train law enforcement officials across the state to combat the issue.

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