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Indiana Considers School Security Tipline

police car at school

Photo: olycopwatchphoto (Flickr)

Safe2Tell allows people to anonymously report threatening behavior to police.

The next step in Indiana school security efforts may be a beefed-up anonymous police tipline.

Many Indiana schools already have tiplines manned by civilians.

State Trooper Ryan T. White says for five out of six calls, that is all that is needed, but some calls require law enforcement training to recognize an immediate threat and the police authority to get a warrant if necessary to respond promptly.

Indiana is looking at a program called Safe2Tell instituted in Colorado after the Columbine school shooting.

Safe2Tell is manned by state police, and fields an average of 1,100 calls a year.

White says the program has produced clear results since it was introduced 10 years ago.

“They’ve had so many successes. About 1700 suicide interventions,.” White says. “Just that alone is amazing to me that that many lives are saved.”

The largest number of calls to the line involve bullying. But White says the program is also credited with stopping an average of 33 planned school shootings a year.

Indiana Homeland Security director John Hill says no final decisions have been made, but the administration may request money for an Indiana version in next year‘s budget.

By one estimate, a statewide program could be set up for $160,000.

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