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Indiana To Take On First Big Ten Opponent Northwestern

IU Coach Kevin Wilson and the Indiana football team have a positive outlook going into this Saturday’s game. Coming off a bye week, the Hoosiers have had two weeks to prepare for their first Big Ten opponent of the season.

Wilson says quarter back Cameron Kaufman will be back in the lineup after an injury occurring late in the game against Ball State.

“Our team feeds on how our offense goes, so I think a part of that is our offensive execution against their defense. Their defense the last couple three games has really been a very solid, and they’ve played very very well,” he says. ” So our ability to establish some run game, and get manageable third downs and our ability to move the ball and create points and create field position will help our defense.”

The struggling Indiana defense looks to take a stand against a very strong Northwestern running game this weekend, although co-defensive coordinator Mike Ekler admits there were some bad defensive decisions last week.

 “If they’re feeling it and they’re in rhythm and they get their tempo the way they want it, then you’re fighting an uphill battle, so we’ve got to get them off schedule and we’ve got to do something,” he says. “We’ve gotta stop their running game.”

Kick-off is at 12 p.m. Saturday in Evanston, Ill.

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