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Indiana Budget Passes House Committee

Statehouse Interior

Photo: Nixter (flickr)

Seven Democrats voted against the budget, but expressed appreciation with House Republicans' willingness to compromise.

Indiana’s budget bill is headed to the House floor after undergoing some minor changes in the Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday.

The Ways and Means committee considered majority and minority party amendments. Those include $7 million more in K-12 education funding to fix an error in the formula and more money for the state’s Clean Water program.  The committee voted 15-7 to pass the budget, with seven Democrats on Ways and Means voting against it.

Rep. Terry Goodin (D-Austin) expressed appreciation with Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown’s willingness to listen to the minority party but says the budget still needs tweaks.

“This is the first step. This is first base,” Goodin says. “This is a work in progress and I know that with your demeanor you will listen to us as we move forward.  We’ll make this peach grow fuzz. We’ll make it work for us.

The budget now heads to the House floor, where Democrats have pledged to call for an up or down vote on including Governor Mike Pence’s 10-percent income tax cut in the bill.

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