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Indiana Attorney General Weighs In On Health Care Ruling

Obama and attorneys general

Photo: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

President Barack Obama delivers remarks announcing a mortgage settlement. State attorneys general including Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller (right of Obama), join him at the White House, Feb. 9, 2012. Zoeller says he was surprised with the court's ruling of the president's health care law.

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act rejoiced Thursday as the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the majority of the controversial law.

Families USA, a national health care advocacy group, has long been a champion of the Affordable Care Act. Executive Director Ron Pollack says the Supreme Court’s ruling is a clear and complete victory for health-care reform.

“And the opponents of health reform who have stridently opposed this from day one, largely I believe for partisan reasons, today it is clear that those efforts to stop health reform are not going to occur,” he says.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller joined with 25 other state attorneys general, but says it was not politics that made his decision. He says bringing suit was the only way to ensure the law was constitutional and says people should respect the decision whether they agree with it or not.  As he continues to analyze the ruling, he admits to being surprised by it.

“Most people did not recognize that the Congress was exercising their taxing authority in order to require every American to purchase commercial insurance,” Zoeller says.

Zoeller says he and his office will continue to study the ruling in order to advise the state and Hoosier citizens on its impact to them.

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