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Increased Retail Sales Encourage Job Growth

With an estimated 247 million people already out shopping last week, many businesses have hired part time workers to keep up with demand.  Because of increased sales this year some employers are choosing to keep those seasonal employees on their payrolls.

National numbers suggest there’s already been an uptick in retail sales for the fourth quarter of this year. Holiday sales have gone up 3.5 percent this season.

That’s according to IU Kelley School of Business retail expert Theresa Williams who says that increase could keep more Hoosiers working after the holidays.

“Retailers want to be prepared. Last year they hired 602,000 overall for the holiday season so this year they’re looking at a little bit of an increase around 625,000 and so the opportunity for employment is there,” Williams says.

That’s been true at KMART where Store Manager Jane Locke says she’s hired 20 to 30 more associates this year compared to last year.

“In fact we’ve still been interviewing and hiring right up to the end to last week,” Locke says.  There’s just so many different jobs: stocking, carry outs for customers, taking the carts off of the parking lot.”

Locke says employees can reapply if they’re still interested in the working after the holidays.


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