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Increased Enrollment Means More Money for ISU

ISU Campus

Photo: Indiana Public Media

Indiana State University record enrollment helps boost revenue.

For Indiana State University, setting an enrollment record was not expected after severe budget cuts this school year. Enrollment Vice President John Beacon says the additional tuition dollars were not calculated when building a budget for this year. “We assumed we would remain relatively flat compared to previous years,”  Beacon said.  “So the very fact that we were up 672 students that we were not otherwise expecting, that’s additional revenue we had not been anticipating.”

The state cut ISU’s funding by $10.5 million last year. The university adapted by switching health insurance plans and cutting 108 positions. While the additional students do generate more money for the university, ISU’s Vice President for Business Affairs Diann McKee says the additional enrollment does create more expenses.  “We’ve had to add more sections to accommodate the increased enrollment,” McKee said.  “So there are adjunct faculty costs with those as well as more scholarships that have been awarded.”   McKee said however that having more students at ISU is not only good for the university but also good for Terre Haute’s economy.

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