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Illinois Upsets No. 1 Indiana Hoosiers At The Buzzer, 74-72

illinois vs. iu

Photo: Mary Usedom

The IU and Illinois basketball teams huddle during a break in play in Thursday's game.

The University of Illinois Illini came back from a deficit to beat the No. 1 Indiana University Hoosiers at the buzzer Thursday.

With less than a second on the close, Illinois’ Brandon Paul handed the ball to Tyler Griffey for a layup. Beating the clock and winning the game for the Fighting Illini, Illinois students rushed the court for their victory.

The Hoosiers had just reclaimed the No. 1 rank Saturday after a win against then-ranked No. 1 University of Michigan. Illinois, however, was not intimidated and came back from losing 41-29 at the half to upset the top ranked team.

Griffey earned Illinois 14 points and Paul finished with 21 points. Indiana ended the game with 28 RB and 14 TO compared to Illinois’ 21 RB and 9 TO.

Both teams came out strong within the first half of the game, keeping the scores within a couple points of each other. It was not until the the end of the first half that Indiana was able to find its rhythm and take control of the scoreboard.

Helping to get Indiana’s momentum going was Junior Will Sheehey who earned the Hoosiers 10 points in the first half. Sheehey ended the game with 13 points for the Hoosiers. Other contributors for the Hoosiers were star player Cody Zeller with 14 points and Christian Watford with 12 points.

But Illinois came out strong at the beginning of the second half, trying to close the gap in the score. Within the final two minutes of the game, Illinois Senior DJ Richardson tied up the game 70-70.  The score between the two teams stayed tight until the final seconds of the game.

The Hoosiers now have a record of 20-3 for the season and 8-2 in the Big Ten. Indiana’s road-trip continues as they take on No. 10 Ohio State on Sunday.

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