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IHSAA Announces Meetings To Discuss Single-Class Basketball

Girls Basketball

Photo: ISHAA

Women play in the 2009-2010 IHSAA Tournament. A new proposal could switch Indiana basketball back to a single-class sport.

The public will get to weigh in whether to restore Indiana high school basketball to a single-class system at a series of town meetings the Indiana High School Athletics Association, or IHSAA, announced Thursday.

This past legislative session, Carmel Republican Senator Mike Delph introduced a bill that would have restored high school basketball to a single class format. Concerned about a lack of input, the IHSAA struck a deal with Delph in exchange for pulling back the bill, the organization would seek public input and seriously discuss making a change.

Delph and IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox announced a series of 11 public meetings around the state in April and May. Delph strongly supports single-class basketball and says it’s important for the IHSAA to get public feedback.

“It’s my hope that the public turns out in droves and exercises its support for Indiana tradition and our basketball heritage,” he says.

Commissioner Cox says the public feedback – which includes a straw poll taken at each meeting – will be incorporated with responses from principals, athletic directors and coaches.  Cox says the principals who make up the IHSAA were overwhelmingly in favor of retaining the multi-class system when last surveyed in 2006, and he doesn’t think attitudes have changed.

“I think our membership has seen the value and the benefits of multiple-class sports,” he says. “More youngsters have an opportunity to experience success in various levels of the tournament.”

Cox says he hopes to have the results of all the feedback and data collected by early June.  But even if the IHSAA votes to go back to a single-class basketball tournament, he says it likely wouldn’t be implemented next school year.


Meeting Schedule and Locations

Tues. April 10: F.W. Northrop HS
Mon. April 16: Vincennes Lincoln HS
Tues. April 17: Plainfield HS
Mon. April 23: Seymour HS
Tues. April 24: Pendleton Heights HS
Wed. April 25: Merillville HS
Tues. May 1: Milan HS
Tues. May 8: Plymouth HS
Thur. May 10: Marion HS
Wed. May 16: Connersville HS
Thurs. May 24: Gary Roosevelt HS

All meetings are at 7 pm. 

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