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IBM Contract Nixed, FSSA Nows Begins Process of Fixing Welfare

IBM Contract Nixed, FSSA Nows Begins Process of Fixing Welfare


Family and Social Services Secretary Anne Murphy is backing a hybrid system that tries to marry an emphasis on personal contact with improved efficiency through technology. She says the FSSA has tried to turn the thousands of complaints it received over the past year into solutions…

“To try to figure what was working as is, what was not working as is, what was working and modernized and combing those,” she said.

The IBM-led group increased staffing 36 percent in a failed effort to improve efficiency. That’s according to Senator Vaneta Becker.

Under the hybrid system, no private or public employees will lose their jobs. Instead, responsibilities will be shifted, as the state’s social service programs continue to see record enrollment while unemployment hovers around ten percent.

Becker says the new system needs to be monitored more closely.

“Look at those to make sure on a monthly basis that they’re working and that if you need to do revision that you’re willing to do revision because otherwise it’s going to take years to fix this process if we don’t pay attention to what we’re doing now,” Becker said.

The Evansville Republican says the state needs to be ready for litigation stemming from the cancelled contract, much like Texas was saddled with following a similar situation with IBM. The FSSA formally takes over welfare again in mid-December as the private contract formally ends.

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