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I-69 Project Coordinators Respond To Questions

Two I-69 project offices opened in Bloomington today with mixed reactions from the community. The two section offices will help to design the final plans for the Indiana Department of Transportation’s preferred route for I-69 as it passes through Monroe County.

District 5 Project Coordinator Wendy Vachet says one of the reasons for setting up the project office is to provide a place where people can express their concerns and thoughts about the highway. She says most people attending today’s open house have been asking about when
construction will take place.

“Time is the number one issue,” says Vachet. “When is this going to happen, when will you know where the interchanges’ locations will be, when will you know the right of way. The next 18 to 36 months is critical. We’re going to determine the best way to upgrade State Road 37, turn it into I-69 and figure out all of those access points along 37, including the urban sections where we already have a lot of access issues.”

Protesters gathered at the opening of the District 4 project office at One City Center in downtown Bloomington. Members of the Indiana Forest Alliance, Heartwood and other local groups opposed to the interstate say they were encouraging passers-by to stop the new terrain route.

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