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Hundreds Of Mourners Gather At Purdue Vigil

Hundreds of students gathered to mourn Andrew Boldt last night on Purdue's campus.

After yesterday’s shooting at Purdue University that left one dead, hundreds of students and community members gathered last night for a candle light vigil to honor the victim, Andrew Boldt.

The vigil was held in front of the electrical engineering building, where the shooting occurred and suspect Cody Cousins was arrested by police.

Purdue Student Body president Kyle Pendergast encouraged his classmates to help each other through the aftermath of this tragedy.

“As Boilermakers, we are family, and as family we need to be supportive of one another during both the positive experiences and the trials and tribulations such as this,” Pendergast said.

 Jim Hintz is the acting Dean of Students at Purdue and acknowledged that the aftermath of the shooting will stick with the Purdue community for a while, and the University is available for help.

“Whether it’s later this evening or tomorrow, or even next week, we’re here for each other as we reflect and try to make sense of what happened on our campus today,” Hintz said.

 President Mitch Daniels is returning to Purdue today after cancelling a business trip in Colombia, and had Provost Tim Sands read the following statement:

Violent crime, whenever and wherever it occurs, shocks our conscious and incites our rage. When it happens in our home, to a family member – and as a Boilermaker, Andrew Boldt was family to us – those emotions are more powerful still. Our prayers tonight are with Andrew and with his parents, who have suffered a loss beyond calculation or consolation. in our grief, we pause to thank this event’s organizers, but equally, each person in attendance. Through your caring witness, you are demonstrating your love for the Boldts, and for each other, in the very special community we call the Boilermakers.

Police are still investigating the motive for the shooting.

Jashin Lin contributed to this report.

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