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House Democrats Get Second Day Of Fines For Walkout

Indiana Statehouse

Photo: Jim Nix (Flickr)

Indiana House Democrats continued their walkout Thursday over right-to-work legislation.

For a second straight day, the Republicans handed down $1,000 fines to Democrats absent from the House floor.

House Democrats continue to ask Republicans for more time to redraft an amendment placing right to work on a statewide referendum. According to legislative attorneys, the amendment as previously drafted would likely have been unconstitutional. But Republicans insist it is just a stalling tactic.

Brookville Republican Representative Jud McMillin is in his second year in office. He says House Democrats delaying work is all he knows as a legislator.

“This is why Congress has a 10 percent approval rating, because people at home see us not having discussions and not getting things done at the national level, and now they’re seeing it here at the state level,” he says.

Minority Leader Pat Bauer says Democrats are still willing to work on all other bills before the House if Republicans will hold off on right to work while the referendum amendment is prepared. Speaking in his office, Bauer slammed legislation down on his desk, emphasizing his frustration with Republicans.

“These are the bills they’ve ignored,” he says. “Twenty-one bills on second and third. These are the bills they have ignored.”

Bauer says as soon as the referendum amendment is ready, Democrats will return to the floor. He indicated that could be as early as Friday.

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