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Pat Bauer Refutes Claims That He Is Cleaning Out His Office

pat bauer

Photo: WFIU-WTIU News

Pat Bauer has reportedly been under scrutiny in recent weeks by his own Democratic Party.

Sources confirmed to Indiana Public Broadcasting Wednesday that House Democratic Leader Pat Bauer had cleaned out his Statehouse office and that he may be ousted from his post at a Democratic Caucus meeting scheduled for Thursday. But Bauer says he is merely, in his words, “changing logistics” and switching out decorative items for communications equipment.

Growing frustration in the caucus about Bauer’s handling of campaigns and his apparent rejection of support from other House Democrats led to an effort to replace him in recent weeks. Not enough support could be mustered for that move, but it appears Democrats will try again at a Thursday caucus meeting in Lafayette.

Bauer says he understands Democrats’ frustration but is hopeful he will remain his party’s leader.

“I believe that I’ll still be out here doing work in some form or the other and I hope that’s the case, that we’re united,” he says. “Otherwise, divided you fall, united you stand.”

Bauer insists he has been in communication with members of his caucus about their concerns.

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