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Hostettler Touting Constitutional Interpretation Class


Photo: Jonathan Thorne (Flickr)

Some want to interpret the constitution in a more "originalist" way.

Former six-term, 8th District representative, John Hostettler came to Bloomington Monday to drum up business for his “Constitution Institute”.

Hostettler explains the institute as “an organization that was created in mid-2009 with a mission of educating Americans, starting with Hoosiers, on the Constitution of the United States, especially practical application of the principles of the Constitution.”

Hostettler will run a series of seven programs on the Constitution, charging listeners $30 per session. Hostettler favors a strict interpretation of the Constitution, saying if something isn’t written specifically in it, then it’s not an authority granted to the government.

Political analyst and IUPUI Professor Dr. Brian Vargus, says it’s always good to go back and read documents such as the Constitution, but says people should understand the various ways that such documents can be interpreted.

“The thing that is very important,” Vargus says, “is people have to understand that the Constitution is subject to interpretation. Some people have a very so called ‘originalist’ or basic ‘stick to what the Founding Fathers wrote’ kind of interpretation.”

Hostettler plans to teach the workings of the Constitution in seven modules that will be held throughout the state.

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