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Hostess Workers Eligible For Federal Assistance

hostess employees

Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU-WTIU News

Workers at the Dolly Madison bakery in Columbus strike outside the facility in the weeks leading up to a company liquidation.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development announced Friday that workers of Interstate Brands Corporation, the parent company of Hostess Brands, Inc., are eligible to receive services under the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program.

According to a statement from the DWD, the TAA program is made available to workers who are displaced due to foreign imports or shifts in production out of the country.

The federal ruling applies to workers who lost their jobs after a federal judge approved the liquidation of Hostess assets across the country. Hundreds of Hoosier workers lost their jobs, including plant workers in Columbus and Indianapolis.

The workers were engaged in activities related to the production, distribution and sale of baked goods such as bread, buns, rolls, snack cakes, doughnuts, sweet rolls and similar products.

The TAA program can be implemented if the federal Department of Labor finds that a significant number of workers at the company age 50 or over possess skills that are not easily transferable and that competitive conditions within the industry are adverse.

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