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Hoosiers In Rural Areas More “Prepared” Than City Dwellers

Indiana Farm

Photo: Cindy Siegle (Flickr)

A recent survey found that people in rural areas of Indiana were better prepared t for emergency situations like evacuations.

A survey from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and IUPUI found that people in rural areas reported that they are much more prepared than those in urban areas of Indiana. The groups worked together to survey 2,000 people about emergency preparedness including things like having an emergency kit and an evacuation plan.

Indiana Department of Homeland Security Executive Director Joe Wainscott attributes part of that to societal factors.

“Most of our folks in rural communities are very self reliant, are farmers and folks out that take care of themselves every day,” he says. “Where folks in urban tend to rely on those services much more heavily than our folks in the rural communities.”

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