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Hoosiers’ Tourney Chances Slim To None After Nebraska Loss


Photo: spablab (Flickr)

IU has won several NCAA championships but this year, their chances of getting into the tournament are extremely slim.

The Indiana basketball team’s loss last night to Nebraska 70-60 hurts what little chance they had before the game to get into the NCAA Tournament.

With one game left in the regular season against Michigan on Saturday and the Big Ten Tournament, the 17-13 Hoosiers are hoping for some post-season invitation. publisher Mike Pegram says the Hoosiers face two major problems that have affected the team’s ability to score points.

“I think it’s one of the least effective shooting teams I’ve ever seen in Indiana and that’s caused issues in the rest of the offense and scoring points, and they do lack inside depth,” he says.

Bob Hammel is a retired sports editor for the Bloomington Herald Times. He says this year could very well be one of the few years when IU is shut out of a tournament, though an invitation to the National Invitation Tournament is still possible.

“They would likely get a game or two at Assembly Hall which would give them a chance to perhaps get their feet on the ground, as a few Indiana teams in the past have done,” he says. “And maybe make a run out of the end of the season.”

The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament returns to Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis Thursday, March 13.

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