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Holiday World To Build New $9 Million Water Coaster


Photo: Courtesy: Holiday World

An artist's conception of the new ride, planned to open May 2012.

Holiday World is beginning construction on a $9 million water coaster.

According to President Dan Cook, the ride will employ a new hydro-magnetic technology, giving riders a sense of defying gravity.

“It’s using hydro magnetic technology,” he said, “meaning magnets, to push a ride up hill, defying gravity. It’s truly a water coaster. You start out on a flat loading platform, then you get taken up on a conveyor belt, and you get tossed over a five story drop at a 45 degree angle, and you keep getting pushed up over hills and taken down hills, and pushed over hills…kinda defying physics.”

Named the Mammoth, the coaster will travel a third of a mile.

The ride is expected to open in May of 2012, and sit next to its sister water ride, the smaller Wildebeest.

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