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Holiday Stress May Not Translate To Higher Crime Rate

Police officers with traffic barrier.

Photo: drpavloff (Flickr)

The Indiana State Police Department increases the number of officers on duty during the holidays.

Though the holidays are a stressful time for many people, law enforcement personnel say they don’t necessarily see an uptick in crime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sergeant Curt Durnil with the Indiana State Police says the police department does increase the number of officers on duty during the holidays, but these officers are mainly used for traffic patrol.

“Usually those officers are out, it’s more of a patrol, highway patrol enforcement type of detail but obviously those officers being out are more than ready to respond to any type of domestic or any type of criminal activity that is going on,” Durnil says.

Toby Stout is the Executive Director at Middle Way House, a domestic violence shelter in Bloomington. Strout says shelter usage highs and lows are varied from year to year, but one thing is consistent.

“The one thing that I can affirm is that we see more people after the holidays than during the holidays and sometimes immediately after the holiday,” she says.

Strout says one reason the shelter may not be as busy during the holidays is that people want to make the holidays work, for themselves and their families. She says Middle Way House often sees more traffic right after the holidays have ended.

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